Stay Fit and Compete with Friends

Outwalk is an activity tracking app that counts your every step and measures the distance you’ve walked, ran or jogged.
Keep up and compare with your friends in daily, weekly and monthly leaderboards.
Dozens of unlockable badges will help motivate you and give you a sense of progression and accomplishment.


Compare Icon

Challenge your friends

Compare your results with custom leaderboards and see who is more active.


Available For Android

  • Integrated With Google Fit
  • 2 Widgets are available - easy way for you to track your daily activity
  • Android Wear Support


Use the built-in chat to keep in touch with your friends


Track your steps and distance automatically while you walk - no need to keep the app running


Get personalized weekly reports for your activity


Transfer progress to a new device via Facebook login


Full Health integration and Haptic Touch functionality

Today Extension

iOS 14 Widgets and Today Extension - Keep track of your activity directly on your Home ot Lock Screen.


Share your activity with your friends via our iMessage App

Apple Watch

Track your daily activity and keep up with friends on Apple Watch. Review your steps or distance via our Apple Watch Complication.